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Bowditch Point Park Maternity Session

Red Maternity Dress with Banyan Tree

“Oh, that’s pretty.” was all it took for me to drop my bag and set up. I have walked past this Banyan tree many times and always wanted to stop but never did. I am so glad it caught Sarah’s attention too! This might be one of my new favorites!

As we made our way down the path, some friendly beach goers congratulated Sarah and one swore she was carrying a girl. However, she is expecting boy number 3!

Sun flare maternity red
Red maternity sunset Florida
Red maternity dress at Bowditch point park
Red Maternity dress at sunset

Her oldest were such great helpers and are absolutely smitten with their Mama! Kai noticed some beautiful flowers and decided she needed a few for her photos. They were perfect!

Red Maternity yellow flower
Red maternity yellow flower
Big brother again and finally on Florida beach

I should also mention that not only did Sarah show up with two kiddos at 37 weeks pregnant during 5 o’clock traffic…she beat me to our location! It seems only fitting that the sunset was a fiery yellow/orange because this Mama is definitely on fire!

Southwest Florida Sunset Silhouette
Southwest Florida Sunset Silhouette
Southwest Florida Sunset Silhouette

Last but not least, we had time for Sarah to slip on something a little more casual and I am definitely feeling the mermaid vibes. I can’t wait to meet their new little one!

Bowditch Point Park Maternity
Bowditch Point Park Maternity
Maternity Crochet bathing suit