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There is no stopping it.  Once you share your birth with me, we are forever bonded. 

I have attended Home Births, Birth Center Births, Hospital Births, Transfer Births, Induction Births, Planned and Unplanned Cesareans.

I will be ready for any turn your story takes with my 4 years of birth photography experience.

I am also a Mama myself and know how quickly these moments pass and how blurry they become as the years fly by.

My children love looking back at their birth photos, will yours?  






Florida Birth Photography Testimony
Florida Birth Photography Testimony


  • Will I feel uncomfortable with you in the room? I meet clients and their support person(s) before attending their birth. I want us to feel comfortable together before the big day. I also spend most of my time at your birth blending in. If you need a hand I will be happy to assist but if you have more than enough support, consider me a fly on the wall. I have a silent option on my equipment and pack as lightly as possible, storing my extra supplies out of view. With my 4 years of experience I have also learned to shoot with intention. You will not notice me taking 1,000 photographs during my time with you. My camera only goes up when the moment is right. We can discuss any further wishes during our scheduled meeting.

  • What happens if my labor begins in the middle of the night? Call me! Many mothers will birth in the wee hours of the morning. I am on call 24/7 for you in the weeks surrounding your EDD. No matter when your baby decides the time is right, I will be there.

  • How much do your services cost? Birth Photography with me begins with a $300 deposit to reserve your EDD and a custom payment plan for the remaining balance of $897. This package includes an in person meeting with a digital packet of information, a digital gallery of your labor, birth and 2 hours postpartum and a 10 page, soft cover photo book. After your contract is signed and deposit paid, friends and family may contact me to gift a payment on your behalf!

  • Will you post my photos online? Only with your permission! I do love sharing moments to normalize birth but, I am here for you, not to win a popularity contest with "likes". These photos are your vulnerable moments and only you decide who gets to see them.

  • What about lighting? I do my best to shoot with available lighting. My camera is specially designed to handle situations with low lighting and I utilize those features often! We discuss lighting during our pre-birth meeting. I do carry some additional lighting with me and place them around the room or manipulate your lighting to suit the situation. If anything I do bothers you, I will switch it back.

  • Are you allowed to photograph cesareans? Short answer, yes! However, this depends on your situation, Obstetrician and Anesthesiologist. If I am not allowed back for the cesarean, I am generally allowed to wait outside the room and either come in after baby has been born or will be allowed in to the nursery with your support person to photograph the newborn exam and measurements. I will then follow Baby back to you for his/her first feed, skin to skin and siblings meeting Baby if applicable.

  • Do you travel? Yes! I do my best to stay within a 2 hour radius. Each birth is case specific for a travel time of over 1 hour. My business cards are distributed between Sarasota and Naples.

  • How and when do I recieve my images? Each client will recieve their own password protected link containing 5 images within 24 hours after Baby's arrival. You may use these images to beautifully announce the birth of your baby! The remainder of your gallery will be added within 2 weeks. Your online gallery allows you to mark photos private so that you may share your gallery with family and friends while keeping any number of photos hidden. You have the option to download the web size and print size photos from your online gallery. I do not mail a USB containing your gallery for your own privacy and saftey.

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