Photos in motion.

Baby yawns, newborn cries and powerful groans. These are a few of my favorite things!

Having a photographer present when you meet your baby and/or when their siblings meet Baby is wonderful. However, add those moments in motion with little voices and squeals and it becomes even more emotional!

I offer videography as an add on with every session! I find that those moments in motion are most treasured by my previous clients. Of course families enjoy their photos but when I get text messages months and years later, well over half of them are because they have just watched their birth story.    

Birth Film Videography Florida


During my time off in 2017 I took a course in birth videography to enhance my services for my SWFL families. Below you will find links to my video montages (photo+video set to music) completed during my time in Kentucky. I no longer offer these mash ups of stills and motion but do provide photography and videography for Birth and Fresh48 sessions. If you notice the name, "Bluegrass Birth Stories" below, this was my business name while serving the Bluegrass State from 2015-2017. If you have questions as to how your video will differ from the ones below, reach out and I will be happy to answer!   

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