As women, we have a very unique gift.  We are able to grow, protect and nourish life within our own bodies.  These little people inside us wriggle, hiccup, push our organs around and practice their handstands on our bladders.  They keep us up at odd hours, make us crave foods we have never before eaten and will change our bodies forever.  No matter how you give birth, no matter if you are carrying for another family or any other special circumstances, you will be changed.  While you are living this chaotic time of your life, it might seem like it lasts forever.  Trust me, it doesn't.  Babies are born and you mother on.  

Take the time. 

Take the time for yourself to document these days.  

Spend an afternoon pampering yourself, rent a beautiful dress and meet me at the beach. 

Come to my secluded location and strip down to the very skin stretched so thin to hold in your Baby. 

Wear your Mom bun and two day old pajamas while wrangling your other kiddos and stealing intimate glances at your partner. 

It. Doesn't. Matter. 

You will miss these days. 

When your youngest goes to kindergarten, When your oldest learns to ride a bike, When you become a grandparent yourself.  You and your children will want to see the days when you sacrificed yourself for them. 



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