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I was unaware at the time, but my Birth Photography journey began when I was a child.  My parents had a closet full of photo albums.  Heavy, leather bound books with hundreds of prints inside.  As a child, I loved flipping through these books and seeing my parents as young adults and myself as a baby.  I sought out one image in particular every time we opened those books.  

It was my birth photo.  

My father also enjoyed photography and snapped a film image right as I was born.  My mother is laid back with her arms stretched for me and myself covered in blood, vernix and fluid.  

It is so beautiful.  

That is what I wanted for my children.  I wanted my children to be able to look back on the day they were born and see how loved they were from the very beginning.  To see their little bodies covered in blood, vernix and fluid and know how hard we worked to get them here safely.  To tell their birth stories based on the little details in their photos.  

The day your baby is born is such a significant part of your life, their life, their present and future loved ones lives.  It's a day to celebrate, a day to remember and cherish for year to come.  Person's of support need to be with the ones they love.  Yourself, your wife, partner, surrogate, sister, daughter, cousin needs your support, your hands and your words.  

Birth is intimate, yes.  I have been there myself twice.  I have attended many births in all different varieties and I respect each and every family and birth space.  This transformation yourself and your family will go through is .